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Maile Vine Necklace (14k Gold Vermeil) - Debby Sato Designs

Maile Vine Necklace (14k Gold Vermeil)

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Our Maile Vine Necklace is perfect for an island girl!

Laka is the goddess of hula. She is also the goddess of the forest and makes it thrive. When entering the forest, we ask for permission. One of the kino lau (body form) of Laka is Maile.

Maile, indigenous to Hawaiʻi, can be found in Hawaiian forests.

Early Hawaiians differentiated  various forms of Maile by their leaf shape, size, and fragrance. For example, Maile Lau Liʻi has small leaves whereas Maile Lau Nui has large leaves.

Maile was used to catch birds, scent kapa, for medicine, and for leis.

Maile, the traditional Hawaiian wedding lei, was used by the Kahuna (Hawaiian priest) in old Hawai`i to bind the hands of the bride and groom, symbolizing their commitment to each other.

Our sterling silver Maile Vine is dipped in 14k gold and dangles from a gold fill chain.

  • The Maile Vine is approximately 1 ¾ inches.
  • Necklaces is adjustable from 16 to 18 inches
  • This necklace matches our Maile Vine Earrings.
  • Also available in sterling silver
  • A portion of all sales go to organizations that protect native Hawaiian plants and animals