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Ulua Necklace (Sterling Silver)
Ulua Necklace (Sterling Silver)

Ulua Necklace (Sterling Silver)

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The most prized Ulua, or the Giant Trevally, are the largest of the Jack Fish. They are known for their size, strength, intelligence, and vigor. Ulua can grow up to 5.5 feet and weight over 200 pounds. When fisherman try and reel them in, they swim toward the open ocean and then cut back to the reef to slice the line. Ancient Hawaiians had great respect for Ulua and they were often used could be used in place of human sacrifice. It is also featured in the Kumulipo (Hawaiian Creation Chant).

  • Our Ulua Pendnt is approximately 1¼ inch long
  • It is adjustable from 16 to 18 inches
  • Pairs with our Ulua Earrings
  • Also available in 14k Gold over Sterling Silver
  • A portion of our sales go to organizations that protect native Hawaiian plants and animals